Monday, March 27, 2006

More About Me

Hi. This is how I look like now. :)

Over the years, I have changed...

But I am still me. Always and forever will be Lilian. I'm unique and so are you. Cause everyone is!

I have my happy-go-lucky moments..

I have my narcissistic moments..



and Silly :)

And that all adds up to ME!! :D

That is, if you're interested to know :)

1) I love to blog, obviously!
2) Mostly my blog posts consists of rants, my thoughts, my loves, my hates and so on...
3) I rant a lot because I'm a whiny person. Can't help it!
4) I tend to be more open when I'm online rather than offline. (because everyone is like that or vice versa if you're different)
5) I love to tweet! Follow me on twitter if you want to!
6) I'm a sucker for pink stuff!
7) My obsession for shopping never ends.
8) I don't really think I stick to a style but my best friend says I'm more "vintage-y". So be it.
9) Yep, I have best friends. But I ain't gonna name them because it will be quite unfair to the rest.
10) I love cats and dogs and anything cute and fluffy! No bugs please. Ew.
11) I think lizards are cute!
12) I spend most of my money on food.
13) As long as the food is good, I don't mind spending a large amount of money for it.
14) Sushi, tomyam udon, fried goodies, anything savoury, you name it, I love them all as long they don't have garlics.
15) I detest garlics and rude waitresses a lot.
16) I'm easily fascinated and satisfied.
17) I'm a sucker for sad romance movies.
18) I hate watching ghost movies that are not scary.
19) I tend to be very sensitive. I'm a cancer afterall.
20) I keep grudges. :)
21) I tend to hate people easily and also, like them easily.
22) I'm kind of compassionate.
23) I don't care if i'm still living in the past. I simply just want to remind myself of it.
24) I like my style, thank you very much. At least I don't like shoulder pads!
25) I'm easily hurt.
26) I'm much much more stronger than I am last year (2009)
27) I try not to read criticisms about me and avoid it. And so far, I'm doing good :)
28) Life quotes rock!
29) My favourite hairstyle which I currently don't have but wish to don is waves with straight-cut bangs.
30) I tend to stick to the same style as I'm not adventurous enough.
31) I love to doll up for occasions!
32) I'm a home-body. That is, I love to stay indoor most of the times.
33) I love nature. Yes, I'm aware that it clashes with me being a home-body kind of girl.
34) Happiness is very important to me.
35) My favourite gadget is my sony vaio pink laptop.
36) I hate being alone.
37) My favourite colours are pink, yellowish-green, sky blue, silver, basically all colours are nice.
38) I may like something real fast but then, I can get over it fast too.
39) In Archie comics, I always preferred Betty than Veronica.
40) I have two siblings.
41) I wish to own a pet but my parents won't let me till I grow up.
42) Have a huge interest in graphics and animation.
43) Wishes to be good at something.
44) My own bed, pillow, softoys are my comforts.
45) When I get upset, I watch funny movies or either break down and cry.
46) I prefer savoury but that doesn't mean I don't like chocolate!
47) My ideal room is full of pink and fluff!
48) My full name is Lilian Hii Rui Juan.
49) I don't know how to write my chinese name. What a disgrace to my nationality.
50) I'm born on 2nd July 1993 in the year of the rooster, zodiac's cancer.
51) I have the worst handwriting ever! It's even worse than a guy's one, I swear.
52) I'm a relatively messy person. My room is the evidence and my handwriting too.
53) I tend to think too much when things don't go my way and when that happens, I breakdown and cry and mope around for a few hours and when that's done, I sober myself up and try to not think about it and be happy again. :)
54) I love watching teen romance flicks no matter how cliche they are! It makes me happy and gives me a little hope that dreams do happen if you believe.
54) I'm a naturally very very very very shy person.
55) I really wish to own a pet, a cat or a dog, I don't mind, as long as I fancy them.
56) I love romantic and slow piano songs. Catchy tunes are fine with me but I get bored with them after a while.
57) I'm a HUGE FAN of Glee! I'm a gleek, yo! :)
58) I enjoy reading beauty and fashion magazines to get inspirations! They are awesome!
59) My three softoys names are Momo, SugarLav and Pooh-pooh.
60) Hello Kitty is damn attractive.
61) I tend to say "Damn" and "Shit" too much. *sigh loudly*
62) I'm trying to stop myself from swearing the "F" word out.
63) I used to love HUGE bows, and by huge I meant H-U-G-E. When I wear em' out, I feel extra girly!
64) I'm starting to love my small eyes which is a HUGE PLUS for me. It's about time I start to embrace it. So what if I have small eyes? At least a little make-up can still make it look good :D
65) I hate it when people talk shit about something I like. Hey, I apologize if I offend you in advance, but if you know I like that someone/something, then, refrain yourself from insulting.
66) Do you know I write Sim stories too? Go to Sims Fantasy World if interested! :D

There's like WAY more but I'm gonna end it here for the time being. I will update it once in a while so there's always something new about me. It never ends. :)

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  1. Quite long introduction.. ^_^

  2. i don't believe it, i actually read the entire introduction of yours!!! hi^5 as i have got some of the stuff common with you. BUT... i don't think lizards are cute, i am no sucker for pink stuff. and... you must start learning how to write your chinese name!!! lol!

  3. you have quite a lot of details there :D

  4. the list can certainly be topics for you to blog about =)

  5. fzikuz: HAHA. YEAH! I'm not expecting anyone to read it all. :P

    Xie Bin: *applause* I AM AMAZED, SERIOUSLY. HAHAHAHA. Duh. Most guys don't like pink stuff. And if you do, your guys friends will start to doubt your sex. I will, I will..if I'm not too lazy!

    Theeggyolks: It's only 1/4 part of me! :D Girls are complicated. Haha.

    kenwooi: Thanks for the suggestion..maybe I will do that one day..hmm

  6. haha i guess now the guys will know what to expect if they want to chase you XD


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