Tuesday, January 12, 2016

you are not just paying for the food

As I was browsing the net today, I stumbled across an ice cream parlor which has such a minimal and crisp design. Everything was lovely from the clean, kinfolk-esque interior style to the rustic exterior. Even the menu design, packaging design and the logo is amazing!

I looked through some reviews and people were angry to be paying so much an ice cream and some even complained that they would rather go to Mc Donalds for their cheap soft serve. And this makes me really, really mad. Mc Donalds cost only RM 1 I presume (In Australia, it's 0.50)

Yeah, sure you idiots. What are you really paying for you think? That amount of hard work people put to present their brand out there is worth more than you think. You are paying not only for the food, but for the brand itself.

Some people still don't understand that a good brand takes a long time to build. It is represented by great design which captures people's attention and leaves a deep impression within them. Take example of kopitiams -

Honestly, I think kopitiams has a really strong aesthetic style - those mini tiles, the right color palette which is usually a combination of a pastel green and blue and oH! Brown. Let's not forget brown. Also, the red lettering which is always present on their menu and signboards.

People remember kopitiams because of this. Sure. Their food is amazing too but it's also the ambience that they built which triggers a childhood memory of yours and because of that, you remember.

So before you idiots complain about why a soft serve ice cream is so expensive, think about the hard work which they probably spent years and years crafting only to be compared to Mc Donalds RM 1 soft serve.

Fucking humiliating idiots who don't have a single clue on how the world of design works.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Person: So what are you doing?
Me: Animation.
Person: O-Oh. *weird face* ....that's.....cool. Your parents...ah...

Excuse mua. Being an animation student is way cooler than whatever mainstream course you're doing.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


It's been such a long time since I was THIS excited for a project!!!!!

Yiiiiiiiiiiii! I feel so happy that I can almost scream! It's no original idea because it's something that I was inspired by and it's going to cost a bomb but heck, as long as it's for creative purposes - it's fine!

This feeling reminds me of the time back in my diploma years when I was still very much fresh with the design scene. No matter how small or useless that project was, I would always be very enthusiastic about it! It's sort of a feeling where you just want to start on the project quickly and be completely immersed in it!

This year will be the year where I'm going to push myself to be more creative! I lost my mojo last year because I was so focused on other aspects of life but this year, I have to rekindle the passion that I lost! After all, this is what I'm doing for a living and I should learn to love it more.

Being a doctor or a lawyer - all those jobs are super cool because I believe that they always make a difference to someone else's life.

Sometimes, I forget that being an animator can be cool too.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Big Fish

I recently watched Big Fish and I absolutely LOVED it.

It had all the elements that I love in a movie. Dreamy, lots of romance, a little whimsical and sad at times. The romance in this film is what sells it for me. I am a sucker for sweet romance movies and I guess I could myself a hopeless romantic...

I prefer to watch romance movies by myself because I can squeal at all the stupid little stuff that other people would most probably cringe at.

If you haven't watch Big Fish, WATCH. I cried so badly hahahah. But then again, I cry easily. The romance was just so pure and sweet that I had to shed a few tears for it. I will be revealing a few spoilers, (to be honest, they aren't that much of a spoiler anyway...but tryna be polite and all, you know?)

Even though it's fictional and it's never going to happen in real life sort, somehow, the naive part of me believes in a romance as pure as this.

Even though it is sort of delusional or a bit stupid to meet someone for the first time and then go -BAM- that's the woman I would very much love to marry. Thanks. Now, I'm just going to work in a circus for 3 years and find out something new about her every month and pretend that it's actually okay for me to not know any of her personal details but still love her the same.

BUT BUT BUT! It was just beautiful. His persistence on knowing that he definitely must marry this woman of his dreams....

If I'm him, I would probably go like, oh never mind, no fate. Give up la. Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't give a fuck about you.

But he never did give up. He tried everything he could to get closer to her even though it meant wasting 3 years of his life. I guess sometimes, we are just selfish creatures. Ed didn't give a fuck if his future wife wasn't thinking about him or whether she had someone else, he still believed that somehow, miraculously, he is going to marry this girl even though clearly, she's engaged with someone else.

He played the game fair and square and never did do anything "senonoh" inappropriate (lol)

Ugh. I just love this movie so much.

I could talk about it all day errrrrrr day.

I shall end this post with a quote that made me go "AWH STAPH IT I'M MELTING IN A PILE OF SWEETNESS"

And how sweet was the daffodil scene? I literally teared up when I watched that part. And did you realize how loyal he was throughout the whole movie? His wife is his first love.

On a side note, do watch American History X as well. One of my favourite movies. Or maybe I haven't watch enough movies...but it's not everyone's cup of tea though. It happened to be mine. Cheap and lousy cinematography but the acting was spot on. Come on, I don't usually give credit to actors - mostly directors because I'm kinda mean that way but I'm a changed person now after I watched AHX.

Happy New Year,

Happy, Happy New Year!

Even though it is a cliche day, I do love the fact that it gives people a chance to start living their life the way they picture it to be. And what better time to do that other than the new year? A significant change in the calender stating that it is 01 01 2015 just makes everybody giddy thinking about what's gonna happen in 2015!

As for me - a few minutes ago, I was actually feeling a teeny weensy jealous about someone and that wasn't the right way to welcome the new year. I spent a good few minutes wasting my time being a green eyed monster about someone when obviously, all I had to was sit down and look back at what I had done and achieved in 2014.


i think my biggest fear is the fear of feeling that i'm never ever going to be successful in life. and by successful, i don't mean just being rich. what i meant is being successful in every aspect of life. from friends to finances to career-wise. and i'm afraid that i can never match to society's thinking of successful.

i lost friends that i felt like i shouldn't regret and i lost touch with some - i gained new friends which is pretty amazing. i have an amazing part-time job and i am sure i am going to get an even better well-paying job in the company of my dreams (he he!) and i have such an amazing support system aka (my family!)

Here's to an amazing year!!!
I know it WILL be flippin' amazing.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Lately, I find myself drawn towards the minimalist style.

Think: Uniqlo, MUJI, Gap

As I grow up, I noticed how my sense of fashion changes as well. I still am very much into bright pop of colors and prints but I would always find myself reaching out for basics most of the time. Lazy? Basics. Tired? Basics. Feeling good? Heck, basics make me feel even better.

I remember mocking brands for charging ridiculously expensive for a normal tee shirt. But now that I think about it, I guess it's really worth it for a handsome looking pair of t shirt that fits you right. Ok, maybe I still won't spend AU 200 for an acne t shirt. *coughs*

I am now on a mission to revamp my whole closet into basic and timeless pieces! I am currently liking the all white style and I might wear something like that for Chinese New Year. Woop. Woop.

So excited! Here are some of my inspirations.